You can opt for granite in your bathroom, but let’s be honest, one must think that there will be maintenance (sealing) that will come with it. To avoid any blemishes, scratches, or abrasions on the stone, it is necessary to know and apply the advice on maintenance. See the advisors in your favorite hardware store. Consider,when purchasing, that the staining and the grooves of the stone may vary from one sample to another.

This is a question of taste. When installed properly, both types of sinks are safe and hygienic. The aestheticism and the ease with which one can clean the counter and pour water directly in the sink make sinks installed under the counter a popular choice. It is good to know that this choice involves a slightly higher financial investment due to the finishing of the edges of the sink.

Everything depends on the granite that you choose. The availability, the color and  the country of origin are elements that will influence the price of granite. If  supplying the stone is difficult and it is in demand, it is certain that its price will be rising. In addition, granite price increases or decreases depending on the country from which it originated. However, a wide range of colors of granite is offered,  at the same price and sometimes less than solid surfaces.

Three centimeters of granite weighing approximately 19 lbs (8.6 kg) per square foot. Standard cabinets are more than adequate to endure. However, if your cabinets are not adequate, LUXO MARBLE professionals will discuss with you and will be able to advise you appropriately.

Granite is a natural stone and the movement and the grooves of  natural stones are so variable that it is difficult to rely on a single sample. In addition, the stone is different from one delivery to another. If you have a sample of a previous cargo, it may differs from the next one.

Absolutely. Heat does not affect granite.

According to the Marble Institute of America, additional support structures should be used when the overflow of the counter exceeds 10 inches (25 cm), for a counter of 3 cm thick, and 6 inches (15 cm) when the counter is 2 cm thick.

Of course, installation is easy but you should be careful because stone is heavier than one might believe.

Bacteria, like any living organism, need to eat. It is the dirt that will cause the bacteria to live on your granite surface. You can avoid this situation by following the advice on granite maintenance.

Granite is a natural material and comes directly from the Earth. Thanks to its hardness and its mineral content, granite can be polished if required.

Not necessarily. The grooves are often only variations of colour.

The screens are installed on the back of some blocks of stone to ensure stability during transport and handling. Without this precaution, several exotic materials might be damage during transport.

The solid surfaces available at LUXO MARBLE are created with a mixture of resin at its base. Natural stone is, however, is directly from the Earth.

Solid surfaces available from LUXO MARBLE are created based on a mixture of resin. Natural stone is, in turn, derived directly from the earth.

This is normal, most of the granite blocks contain small holes, whether they are microscopic or visible to the naked eye.

Yes, if it is subject to a shock, granite can crack or crumble. These breaks, if they are minor, can be repaired most of the time with polishing by an expert.

If well taken care of,  natural stone will last dozens of years. Some natural stones are as old as the Earth.

If an adequate sealant is used, the granite should not present spots.

Traditionally, granite surfaces should be treated once per year. However, thanks to quality products on the market, sealant can now be applied once every three to five years. Carefully read the instructions on the sealant container and follow the adviser’s recommendations.

No. Applying a sealant on the natural stone is a simple thing. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging and proceed as indicated.

Yes, the granite can be refurbished with a method of sanding and polishing. This process will vary depending on the damage of the surface. However, it is imprudent to do it on your own and it is not guaranteed. Talk to an expert

It is preferable to use a product designed specifically for natural stone. Consult with your favorite hardware store specialists. They will be able to advise you with to the best product for your type of surface

While polishing has definitively closed all the pores of the stone, it is still highly recommended to apply a sealant on the polished stone.

Several industry experts recommend sealing your surfaces annually. However, several types of granite are harder and may never need to be re-sealed. If you notice that your counter stone absorbs water or that areas are darker around your sink, it is probably time to apply a sealer.

A color enhancer is a product used to enrich the natural color of stone. Applying an enhancer replicates the beautiful look of wet stone. The product must be applied periodically, but be sure to test it on a small area beforehand.

Most color enhancers have the same properties as sealants.