Was founded in May 1992, continuously flourishing since with a growing rate of 20% per year.

The Company is managed by 2 owners:

  • Donald Chenail, President,
  • Christian Menard, Vice-President and Secretary.


In order to meet the ever growing demand, Luxo Marble never hesitated to expand, going from a 20,000 sq. surface to 60,000 sq. Employees produce approximately 150 000 units per year and will soon double their production. Sales are divided between Quebec (25%), Ontario (40%), Maritimes (7%), Western Provinces (20%) and USA (8%). Sales and distribution are managed by us or its distributors. Luxo Marble is now for the international market. We are, more than ever, interested in joining forces with new agents, distributors or trading houses.

Our force resides in our ability to adapt to different markets and cutting edge.

Today LUXO MARBLE offers you the opportunity to get to know its products better with its new website. For more information, do not hesitation to communicate with US!